Say no to sugar and
artificial sweeteners

Minioti is a creamy Jersey milk ice cream with no added sugar, suitable for the whole family. Plus it has an outstanding 10 billion live probiotic cultures. There is no other ice cream like Minioti around the world.

minioti ice cream

Health & children

As parents, we know it’s important to reduce our
children’s sugar intake. Children become
accustomed to a high sugar diet and this is a hard
habit to break. Added sugars increase the risk of
tooth decay and obesity, as well as identified
behavioural issues in children.

Minioti is a creamy Jersey milk ice cream with no added
sugar for the whole family!

Why is our ice cream so good?

Contains Probiotics

Minioti contains an AMAZING 10 billion live probiotic cultures this is the same amount found in healthy food supplements- Live cultures help boost our immune system by rebuilding cells in our bodies, fight infections and boost our gut/brain health! So much to love!!

Jersey cows

Minioti is made with milk sourced exclusively from pedigree Jersey cows.


We use milk from Jersey cows which has 20% more calcium, more protein and a higher concentration of minerals and vitamins, promoting strong, healthy bones and growth.

Palm oil free

The Palm Oil industry is responsible for large-scale deforestation and is pushing many species to extinction. Findings show that if nothing changes, species like the Orangutan could become extinct in the wild within the next 15-20 years.


Minioti is a healthier ice cream for the whole family. A creamy Jersey milk ice cream that tastes delightful through using the best natural ingredients and no added sugar.

Proven great taste

Our strawberry ice cream has won the prestigious Great Taste Gold Star award!

No refined sugar added

All our ice cream includes sweetness from natural sources and is to be enjoyed together as a family experience. A much healthier ice cream which doesn’t use any added sugar to give it taste.


Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener with zero calories. More amazingly it is 300 times sweeter than sugar but has none of the harmful effects known to be caused by added sugar.


Minioti ice cream is suitable for vegetarians and has been endorsed by the Vegetarian Society.

Why Minioti?

“We wanted to create a delicious, family ice cream that has taste as the priority but surprisingly
contains no added sugar. Milk from Jersey cows provides a creamy premium quality that is unique.”

Anna Boletta & Natasha Dowse – Co-founders