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As parents we know how important it is to reduce the amount of sugars that our children consume. Children grow accustomed to a diet high in sugars, and this habit will then be harder for them to break.

Most children consume approximately 32 teaspoons of sugar every day!

Do you want your children to have tooth decay and hyperactivity with an increased risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes?

Keep your children healthy! Show your children that eating healthier food options can be enjoyable and fun.

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What Minioti Knows

There are two types of sugars:

Naturally Occurring Sugars – whole fruit, vegetables, milk-based products. These are not harmful to your health but still contain calories.

Free Sugars – monosaccharides and disaccharides. These are added to food and beverages by a manufacturer, cook or consumer and are naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates

Free sugars are found in a wide range of foods such as sweets, cakes, biscuits, juices and fizzy drinks. These can be detrimental to health, are unnecessary and an unhealthy source of calories.

What is the Answer?

Cut down where possible. Opt for healthier low sugar alternatives that can be just as tasty for your children and the whole family.

Health and indulgence can work hand in hand with the right combination of ingredients.