Our story

Minioti was born after our “mini” priorities were born! As mums to small children, our mission is to nurture and grow healthy kids. We are passionate about the importance of eating healthily as a whole family – yet we don’t want to deny indulgent treats being enjoyed by the whole family either. Unable to find healthy products with no added sugar, we took the leap and created our own innovative brand – Minioti. Minioti is a delicious but healthier indulgence. Creamy Jersey milk ice cream for the whole family with no added sugar. Let the whole family indulge!

Our Cows

We use only the finest ingredients to create our range of creamy Jersey Milk Minioti ice creams. Every drop of milk used is sourced exclusively from pedigree Jersey cows. These rather aristocratic-looking purebred cows produce a wonderfully rich and creamy milk with 20% more protein and calcium and a higher concentration of minerals and vitamins than other breeds. The milk is also naturally lower in saturated fat.