Creamy Vanilla

At Minioti HQ we know that vanilla is a firm family favourite worldwide, which is why we have paid special attention to ensure we have perfected it. With each spoonful you’ll notice how our Creamy Vanilla tastes seriously creamy and with fresh, natural vanilla flavour and pods.

Creamy Chocolate

For when you are positive you need chocolate. Our Chocolate ice cream is made using 100% cocoa mass sugar free chocolate sauce. We proudly use fresh Jersey Cream to give it a really smooth taste with delightful chocolate swirls.

Creamy Strawberry

Our Great Taste award-winning Strawberry ice cream uses real strawberry puree from real fruit. It has a naturally sweet and truly premium tasting flavour.

Why choose palm oil free?

Rainforests are being cut down to grow palm oil which is found in half of all supermarket products.

Orangutans only live in the rainforests of Borneo  and Sumatra, and their homes are being destroyed for palm oil plantations.
Orangutans are now critically endangered and will soon be extinct unless we look after their forests.

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